Bariatric diet prior to surgery?

Gastric Bypass Vs. Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery

Will I have to change my diet before bariatric surgery? Once you have had your consultation with your bariatric surgeon and you have a surgery date. Losing even 10 pounds of weight prior to surgery can reduce the risk of surgery. This will also show the surgeon your commitment to the process and you are ready to change your life with the help of the surgery. The main risk they are trying to avoid is lacerating your liver, change or reduce to calorie intake reduce the size of their liver and overall makes the surgery easier or less risky.

I think you have to change the way you think about food. Most of us have an addiction to food and don’t even realize it. Most addiction you can just quiet but with food, you have to deal with it every day. So how do you handle this, your thought process toward food has to change. Food is fuel, has nothing to do with enjoyment.

Liquid diet prior to  bariatric surgery
Some bariatric surgeon or center will expect you to start a liquid 1-2 weeks prior to surgery and you will be expected to drink 5-6 protein shakes a day along with sugar-free clear liquids items that are approved. You will not be allowed to drink caffeinated beverages, any type of soda including sugar-free, solids of any kind and also avoiding whole milk products.

Calorie-restriction diet
Having the restriction of your calories prior to surgery can be done without liquids and some surgeon practice the low calories diet 7-10 days before Bariatric surgery. Usually, 800-1200 calories a day, restricting the amount of fat, eating high protein /lean meats 60-80 grams a day, very little carbohydrates and avoid caffeinated beverages including soda pop coffee and tea. You will still be allowed decaffeinated items, I know in America we are addicted to caffeine, you are probably addicted to food too.

As I described earlier the main reason for the liquid and the calorie restriction diet is to decrease the size of the liver and have a better surgery success story. If the liver is smaller, the surgeon can perform it faster and easier. The surgeon wants the absolute most positive outcome for you and your family.

The day before Surgery
Making sure you have gone shopping for the clear and full liquid diet supplies that you will need during your recovery. Do all your laundry and clean your house, you will not feel like doing much after surgery. Your bowel will need to be cleaned out prior to surgery. Usually, they give you Dulcolax tablet and/or suppositories. But follow what your surgeon protocol is for bowel cleansing. Don’t forget, no eating or drinking after midnight.


The day of surgery
Expect to be nervous it is a natural response. Today is the best day of your life, are you ready to change your life forever. I was nervous and happy but couldn’t wait to start, my new life as a healthier more confident person. The bariatric surgery itself usually takes around 2- 2 ½ hours and is performed under general anesthesia. Do not wear rings or any other form of jewelry, no make up the day of surgery, and do not wear fake nails. And of course, do not eat or drink anything the day of bariatric surgery. Make sure you have a family member or friend with you to drive you home after surgery. Except for 2-3 day stay in the medical facility. The day had finally come and you will succeed if you follow a simple rule you can succeed, just believe in yourself. As overweight people, we find that our self-doubting, and feel unsure of ourselves. Be positive say to yourself I can succeed, I will succeed and you WILL.